Work hard. Play hard.

The Team

A team of friends


We're born recruiters, master networkers, and we know how to get it done. We also rule at shuffle board. Have pretty good taste in beer. And typically have some sort of bet going around the office. We asked our clients why they work with us, and while trusting in our fast delivery of top talent is the core need, it's the friendships they feel they have in the Juno team that keep them coming back.


Mikal C. Harden
Founder & Chief Friend Maker


Est. 1976 - Kutztown, PA

Was given a boy’s name long before that sort of thing was cool. 

Petitioned the school board to play on the football team and became an East Penn Charger (right tackle).

Retired the cleats and grabbed a tennis racquet.

Went to college up the street. Got kicked out. Got back in. Finished many years later.

Blah. Blah. Bad decisions. Blah.. 

Moved to Philadelphia.

Fell in love with recruiting and happy hours.

Met two women – married one and started Juno with the other.. 

Had twin boys without ever being pregnant a single day.

Pour-Over > French Press.


610 207 4091 (m)

215 545 5886 (o)

Vicki Sack
Founder & Chief Voice of Reason




Est. 1971 - Lancaster, PA

Places she's called home: Lancaster, D.C., Philadelphia, Ardmore, Bryn Mawr.

Sang and danced her way through High School.

Graduated from Hood College, fell in love with D.C.

Worked on the Hill, discovered being a singing politician wasn’t a great career option.

Met the love of her life in D.C. and followed him to Philly.

Fell into the recruiting industry in 1999.

Married the love of her life on a beach.

Had 2 amazing kids and a few dogs along the way.

Met Mikal. One thing in common: June birthdays...Juno was born.

She runs: kids from soccer fields to regattas to ski slopes, a company, and maybe the next Broad Street.

267 408 8988 (m)

215 545 5876 (o)

Tori Mitchell
Director, Human Resources


Est. 1989 – Kutztown, PA

One year old, first press release: nearly drowned in town pool. Both parents present.

Had 2 pet iguanas that roamed freely around her house.

Moved to Charlotte, NC. Enrolled at Appalachian State. Enrolled at UNC. Graduated. Moved to Philly. Pick Mountaineers over Tar Heels. Unless there's money on the game.

Got married when she was 23 years old to her high school sweetheart.

Adopted two cats. Prefer playing with cats and an early bedtime over almost everything else.

2013, Villanova, SHRM-CP.

Bought a house in Fishtown.

Never looked back.

215 495 2944 (m)

215 545 5856 (o)

Sarah Herrmann
Director, Tech & Marketing




Est. 1987, Philadelphia, PA

Grew up in an Irish/Ukrainian Catholic family (17 first cousins).

Started dancing the day she learned to walk. 

Went to first Eagles game at age 4 (RIP Veterans Stadium).

12 years of Catholic school. Temple University.

Earned a BFA in Dance in ’09.

Waited tables and danced professionally around Philly for 3 years.

Agreed to marry a Jersey boy.

Needed to find a real job– landed at an IT recruiting agency. 

Came to Juno in 2014- Juno IT Division was born.

Joined a non-profit in 2016 – ChickTech Philly

Bought a house in the burbs in 2016, became Joshua's mom.

Became Super Bowl Champs #Underdogs

Completed my first Broadstreet Run & Half Marathon.

215 906 3797 (m)

267 800 7548 (o)

Rose Jackson  
Regional Director, New York & New Jersey


Est. 1976 - Old Bridge, NJ

Born and raised in Central Jersey. 

Part nerd – part athlete. 

Went to an Ivy League school mostly because of the “part athlete”.

Lived in NYC and worked at CBS Sports where I became an expert at counting backwards and learned what it really means to work under pressure. 

Moved to Philly and managed to survive as a NY Giants fan.

Have been a matchmaker for employees and employers since 2005.  Hiring managers… swipe right!

Met my wife, Michelle, in 2010 where she went through a thorough screening and interview process until we got married in 2014.  

Moved back to Jersey in 2015 because I really missed a good jug handle (left turns are overrated) and had a little baby boy, Louis, in 2016.

732 259 8372 (m)

215 310 1195 (o)

Jesse Headman  
Director, Administrative Support 


Est. 1992 – Delran, NJ

Proud older sister and Cavapoo master.

Cheerleader, dancer. Yes, that makes her an athlete.

2015 Loyola grad, Student Government all four years.

Studied abroad in Ghana. Major culture shock. Malaria. Missed shopping malls.

One step away from going to law school, decided not to. Best. Decision. Ever.

Interned with Juno for 3 weeks, fell into recruiting and could not be happier. 

Fueled by Starbucks vanilla iced coffee.

Amateur cupcake baker and personal shopper.

856 359 5414 (m)

267 603 7131 (o)

Dylan Foley  
Director,  Sales & Operations


Est. 1995 - Dublin, Ireland

Born and raised on potatoes and Guinness in Dublin, Ireland.

Earned a degree from Dublin Business School. Started working in the Finance industry. Became a spreadsheet wizard.

Met a persuasive American girl at a pub in Dublin City Centre and well, long story short, now she is my wife.

Found our home together in Philly and filled it with Irish pride and a little rescue pup named Larry David.

Hoping our next dog will not be named Jerry Seinfeld.

Joined Juno in 2017, promoted to Director of Sales and Operations in 2019.

Here’s to hoping the Luck of the Irish stays with me…

267 541 7977 (m)

215 367 1888 (o)

Samantha Yanczak
Director, Project Recruiting


Est. 1985 – Born and Raised in South Jersey

Fell in love with Recruiting and Sales in 2007.

Moved to PA when I started dating my husband.

Bought our forever home in Bucks County.

Got married in 2014 to a pretty rad guy, John.

Had our first baby in 2016, life has been UTTER chaos ever since.

If you take Regional Rail, it is likely you will hear me singing – headphones go in and I am immediately unaware of my surrounding audience.

Iced Coffee all year round.

Juno has placed me twice throughout my career … and I guess this now counts as the third!

And it just keeps getting better…

856 404 2851 (m)

215 253 4709 (o)

Samantha Schiff    
Senior Talent Manager, Human Resources




Est. 1991 – Southampton, PA

Born and raised in Southampton, PA.

Two-time best attendance champion of WTHS ’09 and WCU ’13.

Spent 11 Summers at sleepaway camp, Camp Kweebec #10for2.

Lives for Summer Fridays. Margate, NJ - all Summer, every Summer.

Went to Drinker’s Pub and fell in love with the best guy.

Wins shortest commute - seven minutes. In heels.

Proud Aunt to my amazing nephews, Jonah Ethan and Spencer Eli

Rule promoter, recipe follower and ultimate connector.

You can catch me at an Eagles Tailgate, Flywheel, or in Rittenhouse Square with a charcuterie board and glass of wine.

Messy bun, get stuff done.

215 816 2414 (m)

267 603 7130 (o)

Jake Harris                
Talent Manager, Finance & Operations



Est. 1989

Born in Louisiana, raised in South Jersey

High School Quarterback...Stud.

Transitioned to a full on Lax Bro in College (Shout out Moravian).

Graduated, moved home, delivered pizza, worked as an EMT, left home.

Moved to Philly.

Got a temp job at a Staffing Agency.

Became a Recruiter.

Vegetarian and part-time yogi.

Vinyl Enthusiast.

Proud dad of a 25 lb. Cocker Spaniel, Finn.

609 217 1318 (m)

267 457 4949 (o)

Aubrey Dolbear
Talent Manager, Human Resources & Administrative Support, New York & New Jersey


Est. 1986 – Harrisburg, PA

Born in Harrisburg, PA and later raised in Mechanicsburg, PA – love the burgs. 

Moved to Philadelphia to go to Temple where I changed my major 5 times.  What can I say, I like to shop hence how I ended up in retail. 

You can say that my love of shopping also led me to my career in recruiting as I started in staffing for the retail and fashion industry.  Instead of matching outfits I match people (actually both, I match my little girls outfits all the time).  

For the past 4 years I have been recruiting for the marketing, interactive and creative verticals.

In my spare time I DIY, organize everything and anything and beach as often as I can. 

Met my husband Jon in 2007, where his love of wine and tolerance of my whining made the perfect pairing. We got married in 2013, live in South Philly with our two little girls.

215 259 3602 (O)

Matthew Ryan
Sourcing Specialist, Information Technology


Est. 1989 - Statesville, NC

Moved to Texas when I was 4.

Had an amazing hockey career but never got a call from the NHL…they’re missing out.

Earned Eagle Scout when I was 18.

Graduated from the University of North Texas in 2016 and moved to Philly a year later.

I’m always on the lookout for new Pizza, Tacos, and Barbecue—if you know of any, send me tips!

I read all the time and love philosophy.

I drink more coffee than anyone I know.

I’m always up for a conversation about anything, recruiting or otherwise!

214 868 9912 (m)

215 545 5866 (o)

Sean Carlin
Talent Manager, Tech & Marketing


Est. 1991 – Glenside, PA

Glenside to Bucks County to State College, PA (We Are!) to New York, NY to Philadelphia, PA.

Attended/worked at Camp Harlam for 13 years.Met girl at camp in 2013; dated her. 

Moved to NYC; split up with girl. Dumb.

Moved back to Philly; got back with (and now married) to same girl. She rocks. 

Part time “chef.” 

Obsessed with The Office. 

Started with Juno in July 2018- very happy about it.

267 760 4107 (m)

267 534 7022 (o)

Ellen Hughes
Talent Manager, Project Recruiting


Est. 1987, Ithaca, NY

Born in Upstate NY, moved to Long Island, NY as a toddler. 

My Lawn-Guyland accent is nonexistent - both of my parents are from PA (Mom is from Scranton, Dad is from Philly).

Found success in running in high school (Go Blue Waves!) - won a NY State 800m Championship and became an All-American in the mile.

Attend Villanova University, where I ran on the varsity cross country and track teams. Go Cats!

Ran in a lot of circles, competed at Big East and NCAA’s a few times, ran professionally after college, traveled the country with my running shoes and ran my fastest mile/1500.

Hung up the track spikes, moved to NYC to take a dream job for the New York City Marathon in 2012.

Ran my first (and only) marathon in Chicago in 2013 - 24th American woman. May attempt another someday!

Jumped into the NYC tech startup scene in 2014 - one of the best decisions of my life. 

Met a guy at work, moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn, then to Philly, where we got married in 2018.

Been a vegetarian since I met my husband, haven’t looked back.

Proud pet parent to two rescue cats (Toula - 11, Franklin - 2) and one rescue pup (Miles - 2.5).

Sixers, Eagles, Phillies, Villanova Wildcats Basketball.

917 922 2164 (m)

215 278 9917 (o) 

Sarah Barrett
Talent Manager, 
Administrative Support 


Est. 1992 - South Jersey

Born & raised a South Jersey girl and a die-hard Phillies fan.

Lived & breathed soccer. Won the New Jersey Girls Soccer State Championships in 2008 & 2010 – Go Dawgs!

Decided to go south for college. Went to East Carolina University, joined the best sorority, and played more soccer. Graduated in 2014 & worked for a sports radio station in NC.

Moved back to Jersey in 2015. Decided to go back to school in 2016 and became a La Salle Explorer!

Met my boyfriend playing in the Philly Sports League.

Phillies Ballgirl – catch me down the line!

Graduated from La Salle with Master’s in 2018. 

Bought a house in South Jersey with my boyfriend & best friend.

Love to play sports and stay active!

609 238 5455 (m)

215 310 1229 (o)  

Ryan Serviolo
Talent Associate, Human Resources

Beard7 (1).jpg

Est. 1988, Phoenixville, PA

Parents moved to South Jersey shortly before my 1st birthday and I decided to move with them.

I love Boy Meets World, 90’s music, ice cream, beer, and football.  The Eagles winning the Super Bowl was the greatest day of my life.

MVP caliber Wiffleball player.  Twice hit a real baseball 400 feet in my prime.  Beast.

All I ever wanted to do was go to Penn State University, so I did.  Had Swine Flu my junior year and was quarantined for 3 weeks. 

Haven’t missed watching (in person or on TV) a Penn State football game since 2002 and don’t intend for that streak to end anytime soon.  I’ve missed birthdays parties, school events, weddings and everything in between.

Worked at Wawa for 11 years and created the secret menu way before the corporate people did. 

Brief stint in Grad School.  Mistake.

Lived in Phoenix, Arizona for almost two years.  The temperature reached 123 degrees my 3rd week out there. 

Moved back to be with family in the wonderful Philadelphia area where I intend to be for the rest of my life.

Go Birds.

609 923 6759 (m)

215 259 3227 (o) 

Molly Snyder
Talent Associate, Tech & Marketing


Est. 1994 - Wahiawa, HI

Born in Hawaii to a pair of Dead Heads.

Swapped the Pacific for the Atlantic as a toddler, #OCNJ

Went far away for college, hated it, returned to South Jersey as a Rowan Prof. 

Swiped right on a total nerd in 2014, haven’t looked back since.

Big dreams of owning a bakery called Bakes by McButter.

10/10 will talk your ear off about comics, mythology, and movies if asked.

Fell into recruiting by pure chance. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

609 675 6534 (m)

267 439 4852 (o) 

Matthew Bodnar
Senior Talent Associate, Finance & Operations


Est. 1991 - North Jersey

Grew up in North Jersey as a very active kid. Played tons of sports and was always involved in various activities.

My family is made up of half Ukrainian and half Irish, and is completely nuts. We drink, eat, gamble and yell a lot. 

Graduated PSU (shout out to Altoona) with a hospitality-related degree. Realized after a few years that I needed to get out of that life to maintain sanity. 

Moved out after college and spent time living in Newark, Hoboken and Jersey City while working in NYC.

Moved to Philly for a girl and started fresh. Got a place in Fishtown and continued to work in Hospitality until I landed with Juno. 

Hobbies include playing sports such as basketball, golf, and snowboarding as well as spending time with friends and family, cooking, eating, and binge watching my favorite TV shows. 

NY Giants, NY Knicks, NJ Devils, Seton Hall BBall and PSU football.

215 367 1889 (O)

Hanna Garrity
Talent Associate, Project Recruiting


Est. 1989 - Pennsauken, NJ

Moved to Philly in 2008 and fell in love with South Philly.

Took a Chemistry of Wine Making class in college. Dad never let me hear the end of it.

Met a lot of friends working in Philly restaurants - we love to eat and drink!

Actually, interested in your favorite Chinese take-out spot.

Have a lovely cat named Meka who is very chatty.

Loves being outdoors, adventuring, and in thrift stores.

My birthday is on Christmas - go ahead and ask me if I get double gifts!

609 828 6465 (M)

215 310 9423 (O)

Patrick Masluk
Lead Generation Specialist


Est. 1995 - Philadelphia, PA

Starting playing the saxophone at age 11.

Landed 1st Chair Bari Sax with the All American High School Honors Band.

Performed at Carnegie Hall (NBD).

Earned Eagle Scout in 2013 (ties a mean knot).

Graduated from Roman Catholic in 2014.

Took at stab at college life. Opted out.

Landed internship at Juno (thanks sis!).

Filed a lot of files & ran out for countless draft lattes.

Hired full time as Operations Coordinator in 2017 .

3 awesome kids call him Uncle Pat.

You can find Pat at the Linc for all home games.

267 303 0820 (m)

215 545 5866 (o)

Ashley Townsend
Marketing & Operations Coordinator


Est. 1995 - Savannah, GA

Born on a military base, but definitely not a military brat.

Moved to Philly at age 4… #GoBirds!

Learned how to play the clarinet in elementary. Might still be good at it!

Oldest of three - Basically been a babysitter forever.

Wanted to go to art school… Didn’t. Somehow ended up with a business degree.

Only vegetarian in the world who doesn’t like most vegetables.

Love painting and anything art related. Still asks for crayons and a coloring page at restaurants.

610 605 7803 (m)

215 545 5866 (o)