Mikal C. Harden
Founder & Chief Friend Maker


Est. 1976 - Kutztown, PA

Was given a boy’s name long before that sort of thing was cool. 

Petitioned the school board to play on the football team and became an East Penn Charger (right tackle).

Retired the cleats and grabbed a tennis racquet.

Went to college up the street. Got kicked out. Got back in. Finished many years later.

Blah. Blah. Bad decisions. Blah.. 

Moved to Philadelphia.

Fell in love with recruiting and happy hours.

Met two women – married one and started Juno with the other.. 

Had twin boys without ever being pregnant a single day.

Pour-Over > French Press.



610 207 4091 (M)

215 545 5886 (O)