D'You Know Juno - Ashante Jack


Name: Ashante

Nickname: Ashante

Position@Juno: Talent Manager, IT Division

If you weren’t a recruiter, what would you work as? Park Ranger/guide for a national park

Favorite thing about Philadelphia? The food. I am always thinking about my next meal.

Do you have any secret skills? I can drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds... jk, but any of my fellow FRIENDS lovers get the reference... seriously though, I am oddly good at flip cup...

If you were a TV or movie character, who would you be? Rachel from Friends just with some sort of intellect

You get to pick one person, dead or alive, to have lunch with – who would it be? Will Smith

You are on death row – what is your last meal? Wings and Beer and since it’s my last meal it better be all flappies not drums.

Favorite song of all time? Wicked Game-the original and all the renditions

Favorite movie of all time? The entire Harry Potter collection. I swear I am an adult...

If you could live anywhere else, where would it be? Colorado

Where is the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia? I haven’t ever actually been to the infamous places...I do like Dalessandros & Jim’s, though so they’re tied.

Favorite family tradition? My dad’s side of the family watches Jurassic Park on Thanksgiving

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? You are about as happy as you make your mind up to be

Biggest pet peeve? People walking 4 wide on the SRT or Kelly Drive and blocking the path for runners/bikers

What is your strangest work moment? Less than a month in my last job I competed in a company wide wing eating contest... it wasn’t pretty... some things shouldn’t be recorded

Ashante' Jack