D'You Know Juno - Matt Bodnar


Name: Matt Bodnar 

Nickname: Round

Position @ Juno: Sr. Talent Associate, Accounting & Finance Division

If you weren’t a recruiter, what would you work as? Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur

Favorite thing about Philadelphia? It’s not New York lol. Philly is more my speed and I have enjoyed it very much since moving down here!

Do you have any secret skills? If I told you, you know what would have to happen...

If you were a TV or movie character, who would you be? No clue, so I asked my girlfriend and she said Chandler Bing… not sure how I feel about that. 

You get to pick one person, dead or alive, to have lunch with – who would it be? Michael Jordan 

You are on death row – what is your last meal? It is embarrassing how much I have thought of this, and that is why “Round” is my nickname. 2 hot dogs from Rutts Hut, a slice each of the Nona Maria and Grandma pies from Bleecker Street Pizza, a pound of snow crab legs, a whopper, and legit crème brulee…Don’t judge me. 

Favorite song of all time? “Can’t You See” - Marshall Tucker Band

Favorite movie of all time? Goodfellas

If you could live anywhere else, where would it be? Probably somewhere out west, maybe Colorado or Utah or Washington or somewhere like that. 

Where is the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia? Joe’s is the best I have had so far, but still need to play the field. 

Favorite family tradition? Annual snowboard trip with my cousins and brother

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?  “In this family, we take care of our own, no matter what.” -Dad

Biggest pet peeve? Oblivious drivers

What is your strangest work moment? I once had to break up a fist fight between two 60+ year old men at a 13 year-old girl’s Bat Mitzvah


Matthew Bodnar