Interview with Vicki Sack


Juno’s Co-Founder, Vicki Sack, has been nominated for the Delaware Valley HR Consultant of the Year award. This award was created to celebrate the Human Resources industry and to recognize those in the HR profession who exemplify outstanding achievement within our local human resources community.

Take a look at what it means to Vicki to be nominated and what the future holds for Juno.

How did it make you feel when you found out you had been nominated for the HR Consultant of the Year award?

“Incredibly honored. You are nominated by peers so it is nice to be acknowledged for hard work in your industry by the people around you who you work with every day. The HR Person of the Year award is one of my favorite events, being able to be recognized there is just awesome.”

You started your career working in Politics and Government in Washington D.C., how did you make the move to recruitment?

“After working on Capitol Hill and government/politics for 7+ years, I followed my, now, husband from DC to Philly without a job. I had a really tough time translating what I did in politics to fit into the corporate world. I reached out to a recruitment firm to help with my job search and they ended up hiring me. They thought I was a great fit for the recruiting industry and I thought what do I have to lose?

Almost 20 years later and I couldn’t imagine working in any other industry. I started out in sales, but being a little bit of a control freak I wanted to fill my own positions and it was from there that I found out I was pretty good at recruiting.”

What would you say your greatest career achievement to date is?

“I would say building Juno to where it is today. When Mikal and I started Juno we just wanted to build a good company, keep our kids fed and do something that we felt good doing every day. I don’t think we ever dreamed that we would be able to get to where we are today as quickly as we did.

What has really been rewarding is developing our team and watching them grow and live the Juno brand in the way Mikal and I envisioned.”

Where do you see yourself / Juno in 5 years’ time?

“I see Juno continuing to evolve and grow. We want to continue to build out the Philadelphia market with the plan of it becoming totally self-sufficient, but also continue to explore the potential of new markets, locations and new divisions.

I plan on becoming increasingly more involved in the community, on the boards and organizations I am a part of, while also building a company that is sustainable beyond me and Mikal.

My role on the executive board of PSPS is continuing to grow, and at some point in the next 5 years, will likely step into a Board President role, which will be a big job in itself.”

What piece of advice would you give to a rising HR professional?

“Network! People don’t realize how important their network is until they need it. Too many people get into roles, particularly corporate roles, where they are so worried about their job performance and building internal relationships that they do not take the time to build their external network.

Your network is incredible valuable. Especially, if and when you decide that your next career move isn’t internal at your current company, it is external.  Your network is what will help to get you to the next level.”

Tell us about your strangest moment at work?

“There are so many, it’s so hard to just pick just one. I once had a candidate who didn’t have a car, was terrified of the train, so asked me to come to her house and interview her in her ‘lovely living room’. We settled on meeting in a Starbucks close-by her home.”

Vicki Sack