Interns Wanted!


We are looking to hire TWO Summer Interns to join the Juno Team. We are ideally looking for recent college graduates who are looking to get their foot into the world of recruitment. Our interns will work full-time Monday through Friday and will be compensated.

If you are interested in learning from the best while working at a company that has the greatest corporate culture then check out what our previous interns (who are now full-time staff members) have to say about their experiences interning at Juno…..

Why did you want to intern at Juno? – Dylan Foley, Sales & Marketing Manager

I had just made the move from Ireland to Philadelphia and asides from looking for a job, I was also looking to make friends.  I had researched a ton of companies in the Philadelphia area, but Juno stood out to me.

Having checked out Juno’s website and social media accounts it started to become clear that this was the place that I wanted to work. I began to research more and more about Juno and seeing all the awards the company has won and positive reviews that clients have left, it was obvious that these guys know what they are doing and I wanted to learn from them.

The cherry on top for me was that Juno loves giving back to the community. I am a lover of all things Philadelphia and I love to give back to the city I now call home. To work somewhere that supports this is an awesome thing.

What is life like as an intern at Juno? – Patrick Masluk, Operations Coordinator  

Life as an Intern at Juno is a great learning experience in a very fun work environment. You learn not only basic and practical office skills that you will take with you in the future, but you also learn how to master shuffle board and foosball along the way!

As an Intern at Juno you pick up on a lot of information and tips from the Directors, Managers, and even the C0-Founders. One of the biggest perks of being an intern at Juno is everyone wants you to succeed and you really feel like you are part of the team even though you are just “The Intern".

Interning at Juno was one of the greatest learning experiences in my professional career and I wouldn’t have wanted to start anywhere else. 

Why would you recommend interning at Juno? – Jesse Headman, Talent Manager, Administrative Support

Starting at Juno as an Intern gave me a chance to learn about different types of industries and career opportunities as the recruiters at Juno work on many different roles. I never realized there was so many different industries or that, for example, the financial services industry was so broad. 

There are many different types of recruiting as well, which I did not realize. Working as a corporate recruiter is very different than an agency recruiter. As a corporate recruiter, you are working with and for one company, so that is the brand and culture you know. As an agency recruiter, we work with many different companies and industries, so you need to be well versed with each company’s brand and culture as it is so important in the hiring process. 

There are many details that go into placing candidates in a position and many steps that take place, which I was able to observe and ask questions about. I had the opportunity to sit in on phone calls, meetings internally with the team, attended networking events, and grow my network.

Being an Intern at Juno does not mean it is an administrative role. You have the chance to sit right next to all the recruiters and be as involved as you want! We welcome questions! You may have the chance to answer phone calls, talk to prospective candidates for our clients, sit in on client phone calls and/or meetings, join in on interviews and ask questions in the interview, and more! 

What also is so important is that there are many people at Juno that are here to mentor you and train you. Everyone is so helpful and excited to help someone learn. 

Interested? Reach out to us, we would love to hear from you

Dylan Foley