"New York, New York"

The Sack Family – Central Park, NY, NY 2012

The Sack Family – Central Park, NY, NY 2012

“New York, New York”

This song brings back some fond memories for me. Memories of a 6th grade chorus concert, where we got a standing ovation after singing “New York, New York”; kickline and all. It was also the moment that I realized I loved being on stage.  From that point on I auditioned for every choral group, musical and singing part that I could.  I sang and danced my way through High School and college, but my Broadway dreams stopped there.  The reality of wanting some stability in my life took over my desire to play Eponine in Les Miserable.

I remember my first NYC trip in elementary school. I joined my best friend’s family on a trip to see the Radio City Christmas show, followed by lunch at the Plaza and shopping at Macy’s.  I was fascinated by the sheer number of people bustling about, the energy of the city, and the smell of roasting chestnuts (a smell I still love to this day).

Since then I have had many trips to the big apple, for shows, for fun, Time Square on New Year’s, business trips, and now as a parent, for me and my husband to share the city with our children. Ironically, their first trip also included the Radio City Christmas show, tea at the Plaza and lots of shopping. 

I have no regrets, I have always loved visiting New York, but alas, I never had a strong enough drive to struggle my way through a Broadway career.  Fast forward 25 + years, and Juno is ready to tackle the big apple. I didn’t become a Broadway star, but recruiting star has a good ring to it...  

So “start spreading the news, we’re coming in May – it’s up to you New York, New York.”

Juno Search Partners - May 1, 2018 - New York

Vicki Sack