ChickTech hosts UX Workshop for Philly High School Girls

Last weekend ChickTech's Philadelphia chapter hosted a UX Workshop at Drexel's College of Computing & Informatics. Workshop leader, Josh Zuilkowski, Product Manager for a local non-profit, focused on the core concepts and theories of User Experience Design.

The girls learned about UX fundamentals such as the different types of design (desktop, mobile, web) color palettes, the importance of good layout & iconography.

They were also taught Inspiration & Ideation as well as the importance of collaboration and research.

The girls were grouped into teams of 2 and were tasked with creating a design question & a design solution for a fictional new application. They worked together creating user personas and brainstorming ideas together for their projects.

Part two of this workshop, which will take place in April, will see the girls getting to put their ideas to work and start building prototypes. Stay tuned for those results!

If you like the work that ChickTech is doing and want to get involved, send me an email,! We are seeking volunteers, workshop leaders and sponsors!

Sarah Herrmann