Professional Life - Ireland vs USA

9 months ago, with a full heart and a whole heap of optimism, I boarded a flight destined for Philadelphia. Here I was, ready to start living the American Dream that I had so famously heard about. Having landed a job at Juno, I was eager to get started and to begin making a life for myself in Philly.

Today, 9 months ago feels like an eternity and I have been told (too many times) I don’t even sound Irish anymore. Which worries me…. I think my accent was the only reason my wife married me and Juno hired me.

Having lived, worked, ate, and drank (often too much) in both Philly and Dublin. Here’s my short take on the difference of professional life in both cities.

FYI… I never ate corned beef or lucky charms before moving to the U.S.

Working Life:

Personally, I feel Ireland has more of a work to live attitude rather than live to work attitude that I believe exists amongst professionals in the U.S. But isn’t that the ideology that the ‘American Dream’ is based upon?

I am someone who enjoys working, I like to come home and feel as if I made an impact on the day and I never truly felt that feeling until I started working at Juno.

Job Opportunities:

Appropriately named the land of opportunity, The U.S. is so large that you are sure to find a position that suits you. Whereas, in comparison The State of Pennsylvania is 1.7 times the size of the entire country of Ireland.

Emigration has been a real issue for the Irish Government to deal with. Within recent years there has been a substantial exodus of young Irish nationals emigrating in search of something more (a.k.a. me). I found that job opportunities and career progression routes aren’t as clear cut in Ireland as they are in the U.S.

Cost of Living:

Both Dublin and Philly are pretty evenly matched up when it comes to salary. Aside from that, Dublin is a lot more expensive to live in. The average rental property in Dublin is 25% more expensive than Philly.

But maybe the additional 25% is worth it if you get to live next to the home of Guinness…..

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Sláinte!

Dylan Foley