Philadelphia; The Nation's Home for Young Professionals

Philadelphia – Home to the 2018 Super Bowl champions (Go Birds) as well as the nation’s independence and the fastest growing population of young professionals in the country.

So, from one young professional to another, here’s why you should move to the City of Brotherly Love just like I did.

Companies want you: Young talent is in high demand in Philly. The city is booming having companies ranging from startups to global organizations eager to hire and retain top young talent.

It is affordable: In Philly, you get big city living for small town prices. Many neighborhoods are going through vast changes in recent years making it seem as if every corner has a new gleaming build or renovation going on. Many areas also offer a 10-year tax abatement making it a great time to get yourself into the Philly real estate market and happily call it home.

Cool neighborhoods: Call me bias, but, living in Manayunk has me only saying great things about it with its small-town charm next to a big city. However, there are countless Philly neighborhoods to live in all with their own unique charm. Choose one to live in and then choose the rest of your weekends exploring these neighboring areas such as Fishtown, South Philly, Passyunk Ave, Queen Village, Fairmount, the list goes on. Each of these neighborhoods are quaint, funky, full of character, and unique in their own way all packed with places to keep you plenty entertained.

The city: Ok, it’s affordable, plenty of areas to choose from, but will I be bored? The answer is absolutely never. Philly is fit for any and every personality type. A city where you can throw axes, fill up on a cheesesteak, spend the night in a bar with a ball pit next to you, climb up a few stories to a fancy rooftop cocktail bar and crowd around the jukebox of a dive bar trying to put on Piano Man for the 14th time. If that doesn’t sound like your ideal day, the city has an abundance of history, museums and other countless activities to fuel your intellectual side. A personal favorite aspect of Philly is how walkable of a city it is. To me, there truly is no better feeling than having a coffee in hand while taking in all the sights this beautiful city has to offer. *Side note.. Philly is home to some of the coolest, hippest coffee shops.

Educate yourself: With over 100 colleges in the Greater Philadelphia Area, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to furthering your education. If you were interested in educating yourself in the way of giving back to others, then there is so many great organizations in the city that are making a difference and helping those in need.

Commutable: Being such a walkable city, if you decide to post up in the city then you could start your morning off with a leisurely stroll to work. Or if you are like me and decide to set up home in a neighborhood just outside of the city, then you will be just a short train ride away which will give you just enough time to check your emails, read a little, listen to a podcast or even to catch a twenty-minute powernap.

So, have I sold you yet?

If Philly sounds like the place for you, reach out to us here at Juno and see if we can help find the career for you

Dylan Foley