Florida, We Stand With You


As I sit down at my desk this morning, tears fill my eyes scrolling through social media and news outlets - yet again. I think of your children – the loss of lives and innocence, yet another mass shooting in America. I think of my children, whom were delivered safely to their school, and as my stomach turns I wonder…how safe? I think of all of my fellow parents and grandparents who have dropped off their kids this morning in the wake of yet another devastating school shooting.

And more than anyone – I think of the parents of the children who were killed in Florida. We have failed you and we mourn with you. But, that is simply not enough.

I don’t pretend to have an answer this morning, but as a business owner, mom, and American citizen – we must stop sending prayers and start sending help.

Juno Search Partners has made a donation to www.momsdemandaction.org this morning and we encourage you to join us in the fight. It starts now. It starts today. And after this disappears from all of our feeds and it’s no longer fresh in our memories, we’ll continue the fight – please join us.

To my other fellow business owners, leaders, moms, dads, grandparents and concerned citizens. Juno Search Partners is located in Center City Philadelphia and open to hosting a town hall – if anyone has a bigger idea of how to band together and take action, please contact Mikal C. Harden at mharden@junosearchpartners.com.

We stand with you. We will not be silent.

Mikal C. Harden

Fellow Mom.

Furious citizen.

Mikal Harden