D'You Know Juno? - Samantha Yanczak


Name: Samantha Yanczak

Nickname:  Sammy Sunshine

Position @ Juno: Talent Manager, HR Division

If you weren’t a Recruiter, what would you be?  Interior Designer or Personal Shopper

Favorite thing about Philadelphia? all the food, the old buildings, the sports

Do you have any secret skills?  Yes … Crockpot Ninja

If you were a TV or movie character, who would you be?  Monica, from FRIENDS

You get to pick one person, dead or alive, to have lunch with – who would it be? Barack Obama, and Kristen Wiig

You are on death row – what is your last meal? The Bacon Bowl from Milkboy; an G&T, my mom’s broccoli salad and the “Rising Sun” burger from Holstein’s in Las Vegas, and if I am being greedy, throw in some cheesesteak eggrolls from Continental and fried Oreos

Favorite song of all time?  INXS, Never Tear Us Apart / Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Favorite movie of all time? A Few Good Men / Horrible Bosses

If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?  Costa Rica

Where is the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia?  Jim’s

Favorite family tradition?  Singing cheesy Christmas Carols with everyone after Christmas dinner

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?  “Do a job, big or small; do it right, or not at all” (words to live by from my very wise father in law)

Biggest pet peeve?  Having to repeat myself… the dishwasher being loaded incorrectly … and when people leave their shopping cart in the middle of a parking lot rather than just returning it to the cart area and last but not least, the unread red dot notifications on the iPhone!

What is your strangest recruiting/resume moment? I have had a few stalkers in my day, but the best was a hiring manager stalking me… finding me on the train, and asking me out on a date!! Yikes!

Samantha Yanczak