Advice for a 20-Something on the Job Hunt

As a 20 something I have not only been through a recent job hunt but I now am proud to be a part of this process for many individuals. I graduated in 2009, a time where most of my friends opted to go back to school and spend MORE money on their education rather than navigating the intimidating job market. Applying to positions online and never hearing back from the dreaded black hole that your resume is sent is frustrating. Even worse, getting a call from a company (finally!) and showing up with your freshly ironed outfit just to learn that this is another door-to-door sales position that 30 other recent college grads fell for is not the best for morale.

I even applied for a job on craigslist that required me to send in a headshot….it was not until I shared the job description with my mom that I realized I had likely just applied to a job at an escort service….

Finding a position is difficult! It takes hard work and tenacity! Knowing a Recruiter does not hurt with this process, either.

Shedding light on questions I get from candidates may be helpful for those who have never worked with a Recruiter before. So, here we go.

FAQ’s I get from job seekers:

Do your services cost me money as a candidate?

No! Our clients pay us not our candidates! We work for our clients to find the best candidate for their position.

Do you only work on temp jobs?

Not all staffing firms are temp agencies. Juno specializes in permanent placement but certainly has long-term temp or temp-perm opportunities as well.

What can I do to make my resume better?

Everyone will have their own opinion on this one as well; my best advice is to make sure there are no spelling/grammatical errors, make it easy to read/understand, and don’t make it too long!

So take it from this 20 something that landed her dream job that I never knew existed; Recruiters are helpful and take some of the scary factors out of a job hunt. They take away the awkward money negotiations and you always have someone in your corner to coach you through the entire interview process. I may be bias as a recruiter myself but can honestly say I would not have the job I love going to every day if it was not for a Recruiter!