Working With a Recruiter as a Client and as a Candidate

Posted on 08. Feb, 2016 by

Juno has had the opportunity to work with many individuals both as candidates and as clients. We were thrilled that Bernadette Horvat, the Executive Director of Human Resources and Workplace Operations at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research, was willing to reflect on her experience with us.


How did you connect with Vicki and Mikal?

In 2012, I saw an ad online. I was working in my then-position for almost 7 years, but had interest in moving companies. They had a normal ad, but it was very accessible with personal contact information – perfect for the passive candidate. Mikal got back to me very quickly, but she didn’t rush me. I was about to head out for a vacation, and we scheduled a meeting until I got back.


What was it like to work with us as a candidate?

At the time of my initial conversation with Mikal, I had become disillusioned with my then-position; I wanted something more, a new challenge, change of scenery. However, the compensation and perks were difficult to walk away from; with this in mind, I eventually told Mikal that I could not continue as a candidate. Fortunately, the universe “heard” me and I was exited from my position several weeks after meeting with Mikal.

When I reached back out to Juno, there were no questions or judgment. Mikal said why don’t you come in, and we can talk about your career interests. Vicki, Mikal and Tori handle their candidates like their own people. They were professional and accessible, and interested in what would be the best role for me.

Mikal and Vicki set me on the right path. They absolutely gave me confidence. I didn’t feel like a product. They got to know me and they didn’t put me in any unanticipated situations. I don’t think I would have been so well-prepared to be back out there if it weren’t for Juno. Having Juno in my corner made this time in my career journey enjoyable!

Mikal helped me to expand my own HR network. She told me about people I could network with, and events that I could attend.


What has your experience been working with us for Coriell’s recruiting needs?

After working with Juno, I ended up accepting another offer, which is my current position at Coriell. Mikal kept in touch. When I started needing to hire people, I reached out. And when I brought Mikal on, I felt like she knew more about my company than I did!

They’ve now placed five candidates for us. They do a really good job at preparing the potential hires. That’s important for clients. There have never been any surprises, or false candidates.

Recently, I worked with them to find an internal recruiter for Coriell. Essentially, this was so we wouldn’t need to use an external recruiter as much. The new recruiter they found for me is a rock star!


What kinds of candidates are good for you? What are their experiences, traits, and characteristics?

It depends on the level. When we’re looking at management level candidates, we want them to be able to delegate effectively, and to encourage collaboration. They need to have experience working with employees through the full lifecycle of employment.

For someone who is professional staff or admin, we need a solid business acumen coupled with not-for-profit experience.

For both levels, we want people who are ambitious and entrepreneurial, with a good heart, someone who values kindness and trustworthiness.


We’ve written before about the millennial hiring experience. Could you outline what you think is important?

Juno gives people realistic feedback. They’re able to have honest, hard conversations, but also show empathy during the process. This doesn’t just help millennials, it helps everyone.

Vicki and Mikal know how to help people find the track that they should be on.