So Why Does the Hiring Process Take SO Long?

Posted on 03. Apr, 2014 by

So why does the hiring process take so long? It’s a pretty common question. You have submitted your resume, maybe through a recruiter, maybe through the company website. You meet all the qualifications and have even been told by the recruiter that your background is a great fit for the position. But a week (or even two) has gone without a word for the company. So what’s the hold up?

Typically, recruiting is something added to the hiring manager’s already full plate. It can be a time consuming task in their very full day and, depending on the urgency of the position, may not be top on their to-do list. Another possible explanation is that they are trying to coordinate schedules. Have you ever tried to get three busy friends together for dinner? Keep this in mind when considering the task of coordinating an interview.

So you get called for an interview and meet with the team. You think the interview went great, you send your thank you notes and are excited to hear back. It’s been a week, then two… No word. This is perhaps the most frustrating waiting period. So what’s the hold up?

Again, there are few possible explanations for the wait. In the world of recruiting, the right hire is a bit of a moving target. Often, once hiring managers start the interview process, the scope of the position may change, the criteria of what they are looking for could change, there are details that need to be flushed out or perhaps there needs to be further discussion amongst the team… All of which are time consuming. Hang in there! As much as the wait is tough, the right position is well worth it.

The process may be more time consuming and there may be more rounds of interviews than you could have ever imagined, but hiring the right person and making a job change are both big decisions. Just as the company is probably taking the time to make sure you are the right person for the job, take advantage of the time to make sure that the move is right for you.

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