Not Looking For a Job? Juno Can Help

Posted on 04. May, 2016 by

J.Choi_Blog Photo_05.04.16Juno connects professionals with the roles of their dreams, even when they aren’t looking for opportunities. Jessica Choi, Assistant Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Diversity for The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, shares her experience with Juno.


How did you connect with Vicki?

I received an outreach call from Vicki. When I asked how Vicki found me, she said she received a referral from two super connectors we had in common in Philadelphia. Vicki has very good connections, both personally and on LinkedIn. From a talent acquisition and executive search standpoint it is the best way to connect with others. I was actually not interested in the role at the time, and I suggested many other people to Vicki before she persuaded me to apply.


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Could you describe your current role at Penn Mutual?

I have the opportunity to lead talent acquisition and diversity as part of our growth strategy within Penn Mutual’s distribution and sales areas. My role is to help the field with talent attraction, selection, onboarding, development, and retention.  I do this by analyzing markets to target different communities and incorporate all changing demographics as well as narrow consumer needs in the marketplace.


How did Vicki help you discover that Penn Mutual was the right place for you?

We spent many hours on the phone for about two weeks. The first week mostly consisted of me responding, “Oh no, I’m not interested. This is not the right role for me.”But Vicki had a pretty good understanding of Penn Mutual’s culture and the type of people they were looking for because she has placed other individuals within the company. She eventually convinced me that the role was right for me.

As we progressed, Vicki played the part of an executive coach and she asked me questions in terms of my pain points, such as “What is it you want to achieve?” She acted as a good bridge between me and Penn Mutual. Vicki walked me through the questions I should be asking Penn Mutual, and how I should position myself. Originally the role was for a director but with her coaching and negotiating, we were able to change the role to what I wanted to do, which was to be an assistant vice president.


What are the biggest concerns for someone in your stage of a career?

Before Penn Mutual, I was with one organization my entire career; for 17 years.  I had a fear of change, even though I had a lot of progression within the organization. People are so comfortable with what they know and who they are connected with, but they don’t even know what’s out there.

Going into the interview, I had a tremendous amount of anxiety. But Vicki helped ease that fear by providing a very conversational approach, walking me through each step, and following up.


How did everything go once you were at your new job?

Vicki’s follow up service helped with the change management of going through the whole process. I am a certified executive coach and having Vicki there as my coach was a huge help with managing the process. As a coach, you have to take a look at peoples’ lives holistically and help bridge that gap between the company and the job seeker. Vicki helped me do that. She even came to my office a couple months after I started to make sure I was happy and that things were good. What kind of follow up service is that?

Since starting with Penn Mutual, I have referred so many people to Vicki looking to transition into the Philadelphia market and make industry switches.


What has your experience been working with other recruiters?

I have worked with other recruiters and I’ve been one. Many of my colleagues have spun off and opened up their own recruiting firms. Vicki has a very hands-on and service-oriented approach. I felt like I got the service level of a client going in as a candidate.