Keep the texting lingo out of your job search!

Posted on 22. Jan, 2015 by

TextingThe world of texting has seriously begun to have a negative impact on both verbal and written communication in the professional world.  As a recruiter, one of the quickest ways to discount yourself from a search is through using casual and texting language in your professional email communications. It happens all the time, either purposely or accidentally.

I understand that sometimes individuals use this type of text language in order to be friendlier or casual. What it shows me, however, is a lack of judgment regarding when to use this type of communication appropriately.  SAVE TEXTING LINGO FOR YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY – LOL.

Recruiters receive hundreds of emails a day from candidates. A well-written, thoughtful but brief, email will make you stand out.  A casual email (or text) with poor grammar, abbreviations, misspellings, and texting lingo will quickly get you deleted.

Even if you are texting or emailing from your phone, take the extra few seconds to spell out the word, put in the period, and check for typos.  In the competitive world of job searching, erring on the side of professionalism will go a long way.  TTFN.