Juno Does Little Nonnas

Posted on 31. Oct, 2013 by

We recently ate lunch at our new spot for comfort food, Little Nonna’s on Locust St. This cute little dining place is Chef Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran’s fourth restaurant. Little Nonna’s offers Italian-American food for lunch Mondays – Saturdays and dinner every day.

Juno’s team went on a chilly Tuesday to try the place out. Here’s what we had to say.

Atmosphere: Entering Little Nonna’s is like walking into your Grandmother’s house (which makes sense given their name). You get enveloped in warmth; your soul begins to settle as you suddenly get the urge to engage in conversation and actually tell Grandma about what you have been doing with your life and why you haven’t found a nice partner to settle down with yet. It’s a very intimate and cozy setting. I would have to add that this place will only remind you of your Grandma if your Grandma was a cute, hip, laid back, eclectic, warm and friendly kind of Grandma.

Food: The portions were large enough to settle any hunger pains our team was feeling. In fact, most of us had to get doggie bags so we could finish the food later. The meatballs…Oh goodness, the meatballs! In the spaghetti the meatballs were large delicate orbs of goodness. Likewise, the meatball sub was delicious and more than filling for a quick lunch stop. The lemon chicken breast was elegantly plated, cooked to the just the right texture, and the potatoes served as a great introduction of different textures and tangy flavors. Our team was very happy to see the use of eggplants and figs in the lunch dishes to mix things up on our palates, even though some of us were not as enthused about the delicious purple nightshade.

Décor: In one word…quaint. In many words…the deep dark colors invoked those warm friendly feelings we all love to have when we’re gobbling up meatballs, pasta, and crisp salads. Dark wood lined the wall as well as dark red upholstered booth seats. Fairy lights hung from the ceiling and did their part in adding to the comfort and relaxing feeling Little Nonna’s evokes. To balance this warmth there were pops of teal colored dishes on wooden racks along the wall. Our tables had an eclectic mix of plates with gold rimming and small blue flowers. Only negative, the seating was placed very close together. I understand going for a cozy intimate feeling, but let’s abstain from getting intimate with non-consenting strangers. When we got up to leave from our booth, our derrières decided to say hello to those sitting next to us.

Service: We went for lunch at peak lunchtime hours and were able to get a table. The food was served as soon as it was made. The waiter did a great job of keeping the table clean and refilling our drinks. There was a slight “huff” when we handed her four cards to pay…but hey, we did hand four cards to pay.

Out of 5 stars: Our aggregate score would be four out of five stars. Well done, Little Nonna’s! Juno will be visiting again in the near future.