Internship: The Juno Experience

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On the tra
Juno's Internin. Where even is Market East Station? Finding the longest possible way to get there. Finally, reaching a tall ornate building with intimidating professionals rushing in and out. 30 mins early. Walking through the lobby hoping there is no requirement of 5-6 years of experience in order to use the elevator. Waiting. Waiting. Entering. Sitting. Waiting some more. Visualizing every line on the resume. Nervous. Waiting. Door opens. “Hello, nice to meet you.”

In my seven months of being an intern at Juno Search Partners, I would have to say that my interview was the most nerve-wrecking experience. I mean there was that one time I was sent to mail something and couldn’t find the post office (which is literally across the street, good job me), but still…there is something about interviews that make you fidgety, nervous, and sweaty. I will be the first to admit, I was freaking out. Yet as it turns out, this interview led to one of the best experiences of my career.

Intern horror stories are a dime a dozen and I must have done something really Mother Teresa-esqe to earn major karma points because my internships thus far have been really great. Juno’s team is exceptional at what they do and I have learned so much from them. I was mainly in a trifecta role of admin, HR rep, and recruiter, but was sometimes (unintentionally) designated as the comedian, Pinterest pinner, sharer of weird facts, average foosball player, avoider of replacing the water jug, and expert caregiver of plants.

In all seriousness, my internship in Juno provided with something unbelievably valuable for a recent college grad…free AC during the summer…No. I kid. I kid. Juno was actually a haven for a starry-eyed bushy tailed intern just breaking into the professional world. I was greeted with a wealth of knowledge, skills, and expertise from individuals on the cutting edge. I am so thankful to be placed with a firm that so greatly values their team. It was also fantastic to bring to work what I had learned in my Master’s level courses and vice versa. I definitely gained a depth and richness in my skills and experience through this internship. Juno brings passion, hard work, and a vigor and determination to be successful the likes of which I have yet to see in the professional world. Each and every member of their team is extremely good at what they do and together form a champion firm (and it’s not just my opinion).

Juno taught me the best character an individual can have is humbleness. Juno taught me that it is better to have tried and failed then never tried at all. Juno taught me that you can’t control everything. Juno taught me that team work often offers the best solution to a complex problem and if all else fails…a foosball & cat video cocktail can heal all wounds.

With a heavy heart, I end my run here at Juno. My time here has been superb and I hope that I have impacted Juno the same way they have impacted me.

IlovejunosearchpartnersTo quote a certain couch-jumping Scientologist, you had me at hello, Juno. You had me at hello! I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future.

With Love,