Internship: Finding "The One"

Posted on 04. Sep, 2014 by

I found out very quickly that a great internship is hard to find. Wait, scratch that, finding any internship is difficult in general, especially for the first time. My search began with finding out


that I was basically qualified for nothing other than unpaid internships. This wouldn’t work as I would have to stay in the city with mounting utility bills, not to mention the college tuition bill that I would rather not discuss. So, the hunt continued, until I met Mikal Harden who came to speak at a Temple SHRM meeting about her career path. After the meeting was over I spoke briefly with Mikal, she gave me her business card, and I rushed to my computer to write her an email before my next class. After playing phone tag for a bit, I was brought in for an interview. I received the phone call from Mikal a few days after the interview offering me a summer internship at Juno Search Partners; I was ecstatic.

My excitement continued right up until the night before my start date when I became overwhelmed with anxiety. I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in, or I’d mess something up or say the wrong thing, or that SEPTA would sporadically shut down and I’d be late, but those were all silly things to worry about because once I arrived in the office I was welcomed into the Juno family with open arms and a cute goodie bag. Within minutes I could tell that I was going to really like working at Juno Search Partners with such great people.  It got even better we played foosball…at work! I felt like I had just won the lottery of internships.

As the internship progressed, I knew I struck gold.  I have two amazing bosses and four phenomenal co-workers who are all eager to help me and answer all of my questions. The Juno Family is Untitled2inspirational and intelligent, with comedic geniuses who are also giving, determined, fun, and overall awesome! I learned a great deal from listening to my bosses and co-workers talk throughout the day since it was an open office layout. I have been given so many opportunities at Juno to learn about recruiting from the database, to cold calling, and all the way to interviewing. Whenever I sit in on an interview, I am amazed by how flawless my co-workers’ people skills are, making the conversations flow effortlessly. They make it look easy, but I learned quickly that recruiting is not easy; it takes hard work and dedication.

Although a day at Juno is full of hard work, the occasional stressful applicant, rigorous database entries, and extensive searches, there are still a lot more smiles, laughs, jokes, and foosball tournaments that make me eager to go to work everyday. Having the internship with Juno Search Partners is great and continues to be an interesting and fun experience. You never know Untitled3what to except when you go into work that day, whether it be with the clients and applicants or just the surprises Philly has to offer. I must have done something right to be given the opportunity to work for Juno Search Partners; it’s such an extraordinary company with incredible people. I could not have asked for a better internship to kick off my HR career. I have learned a great deal from this internship and I want to say THANK YOU, Juno Search Partners, for making this great summer!