Emerging Leaders Networking Event: A Review

Posted on 26. Nov, 2014 by

Last night I attended Philadelphia SHRM’s Emerging HR Leaders Networking Event that was held at Barcade in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Emerging Leaders, it is a division of Philly SHRM that isvspecifically for young HR professionals with 0-8 years of HR experience. It is avfantastic group to be a part of if you are looking to network with peers of similarvexperience level.

The venue:


Barcade, where the event was held, is a combination of an industrial looking bar and an old school arcade. It boasted games such as Tapper, Frogger, Pacman, and more. It offered a warm, friendly environment and was perfect for a bunch of people from the 90’s era. The bar offered a wide range of micro brews and a unique cocktail list.  The event was a private party, so they sectioned off an area of the bar for us and had food set up and waiting for when guests started arriving. The food consisted of make your own nachos and tacos, roasted vegetables and deviled eggs. The food was great and the staff was extra helpful.

The Networking:

I have been to quite a few Emerging Leaders events in the past two years, but the event last night offered the best networking I have seen so far. I saw many new faces, as well as an abundance of familiar faces. Even despite the nasty weather, many people still came out to enjoy a night of networking with peers. I met countless people who are currently in HR, just beginning their careers or have a couple years under their belt, and I met a ton of students who are in their junior or senior year of school and are looking to break into the HR world. We enjoyed drinks, arcade games, and a night of fun networking together. Since the venue offered arcade games, it acted as an icebreaker for the group and made the networking flow easier. Many who attended last night were able to make valuable connections and share their insights with each other on the HR industry.

As a recruiter, I value any chance I get to make new connections, whether it’s just trying to educate people who are looking to learn a little more about the HR field, or if it is helping someone looking to make a move into their next HR role. As you have probably heard before, networking is so important for your professional career. It offers a great way to stay up to date on your industries current trends, the ability to chat with people who are currently handling similar industry issues, a way to confide in your peers and ask for or offer advice, and a special connection to other movers and shakers in your industry. For any young HR professional in the Philadelphia area, Emerging Leaders is the networking group to be a part of.

Overall, I think this event was a huge success and I seriously look forward to the other upcoming Emerging Leaders events. For anyone who is interested in hearing more about Emerging Leaders event’s and becoming a member, please go here for more information: http://phillyshrm.org/membership/emerging-HR-leaders.htm