D’you Know Juno? – Jared Brookstein

Posted on 26. Oct, 2016 by

Name: JJ.Brookstein Interview_10.26.16ared Brookstein 

Nickname: Big J 

Position @ Juno: Director, Accounting, Finance and Operations Division

If you weren’t a Recruiter, what would you be? Hockey Player or Hockey Coach 

Favorite thing about Philadelphia? The history 

Do you have any secret skills? I am a great cook

If you were a TV or movie character, who would you be? Liam Niesen’s character from Taken 

You get to pick one person, dead or alive, to have lunch with – who would it be? Jesus 

You are on death row – what is your last meal? Lobster and prime-rib, mac and cheese and sushi….. Beer and chocolate cream pie

Favorite song of all time? George Strait I Saw God Today (it’s my song to my daughters)

Favorite movie of all time? Good Fellas

If you could live anywhere else, where would it be? California 

Where is the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia? Steve’s Prince of Steaks 

Favorite family tradition? Smoking Cigars and Drinking Beer 

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Do not listen to reply, listen to understand 

Biggest Pet Peeve? People that do not communicate or don’t respond to emails 

Strangest recruiting/resume moment: When a candidate asked me during our interview if she could get changed from her gym clothes into her interview clothes in our bathroom.  Another person that put “King-a Prussia” as a location on their resume.