Can’t Wait to Meet You!

Posted on 06. Jun, 2016 by

Blog Photo - Can't Wait to Meet you 06.06.16We live in a world of emails and texts, talking to friends through Facebook instead of on the phone, emailing our co-workers who sit two cubes away.   As the mother of a teenage girl, I only see this becoming more prevalent. When I was a teenager, after spending all day at school with my friends, I couldn’t wait to get home and hop on the phone with them, tying up our home line for hours (until my Mom finally caved and got call waiting). Today teenagers sitting in the same room with each other will text instead of having a conversation. I rarely see my daughter talk on the phone to a friend.

The world of recruiting is not immune to this phenomenon.  Increasingly, recruiters rely on phone and email to interact with candidates and clients. While these are valuable and help speed up processes, I feel strongly that something is being lost.  When my business partner and I founded Juno, we truly believed that it was our relationship driven mindset that would make us successful, and this has proved to be so true.  Yes, we still try to meet all of our candidates for live interviews and have multiple conversations with them, meet for coffee, or just call to catch up.  It is so important to understand someone’s motivations, goals, and their life, to make a great placement.  Even if we don’t place that individual, it is our hope that we have have broadened our network and theirs, and that our paths will cross again.

Additionally, we believe in the importance of meeting and knowing our clients; understanding their business, their needs, and their culture.  So much of recruiting is nuance and subjective things that you just don’t get over an email or even a phone call. Building that partnership with a client is incredibly valuable.

We also meet and connect people all the time, even if it is not related to a specific search.  Networking and trying to help people connect with others is one of the foundations of Juno and something we firmly believe in.  I can think of numerous examples of referrals, new clients, etc. that have come from people I met for coffee, an interview, or at an event, years ago.  Many of these individuals, clients and candidates, I am now happy to call friends as well.

So…the next time you are tempted to just send an email or text, think twice.  You never know where getting to know that person might take you.  I can’t wait to meet you!