5 Things to Remember When Working with a Recruiter

Posted on 07. Jul, 2015 by

When is comes to working with a recruiter, there are good ways and badget-in-good-with-recruiter SH 07.07.15 ways to approach the relationship. Like any relationship, it needs to be a two way street. As the Manager of an IT Recruiting Division, I am constantly speaking with people who have never worked with recruiters before. They don’t know how it works or really understand why it is worth it. Many people can be hesitant about taking the time to trust their job search with another person. However it can be an extremely successful experience if you find the right person to work with and fully invest in the partnership. Below are 5 pieces of advice that I feel are the most important things to remember when being represented by a recruiting firm:

  1. Trust Your Recruiter

Finding a recruiter you can trust can be difficult. There are hundreds of recruiting agencies out there and thousands of recruiters. You want a recruiter that makes you feel like they are really listening to what you are saying. Find someone you feel comfortable with and you can build a rapport with. Someone who isn’t going to spam you resume just for the sake of sending a resume. Good recruiters take the time to understand what you are looking for in your next job outside of just location and job title. They get to know you as a person and pay close attention to the details that you find most important in a company and position.

  1. Be Willing to Meet Face to Face

One of the biggest challenges I face as an IT Recruiter is getting people to understand the importance of actually sitting down with me and having a conversation face to face. What could I get out of them in person that I can’t get over the phone? The answer is A LOT! It is our job to represent our candidates as accurately as possible. There are so many things that you learn about a person when you actually sit down and have a conversation with them. Our clients expect us to know more about you than just what is on a piece of paper. A recruiter that wants to meet you and is willing to take time out of their day to fit their schedule around you is the sign of a good one! It also allows you to know who we are. After all, we are going to be the ones negotiating your offer. You might want to know who that person is!

  1. Know Where They Are Sending You

Probably one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see when I speak with candidates who work with other recruiters is that they don’t know what companies have already received their resume. When you work with a recruiter, it is imperative that you know the names of all of the companies they are sending your background to. Many companies have 2 or 3 or even more recruiters that they partner up with to fill positions. Having your resume sent by more than one person almost immediately puts your out of the running. No one wants to engage in an ownership battle between two recruiting agencies. It can also make it look like you don’t know what is going on with your own search. When you speak with a recruiter, before you send them your resume and give them permission to send it to their clients, be sure you know who exactly is going to be on the receiving end.

  1. Be Open and Honest About Your Job Search

Your recruiter may constantly ask you where else you are interviewing, how far a long in the process you are, and where you rank companies 1, 2, and 3. This is all information that our clients actually want to know. It helps them gage how quickly they need to move and how competitive they need to be. Similarly, when you are buying a home, you may find yourself in a bidding war. You need to know how many other interested buyers there are and how high their offers are so that you can gage how quickly and competitive your offer needs to be. People always want something that is in high demand. Think about it, if a company’s competitor is interested in you, it going to make them want you that much more!

  1. Communication is KEY

Timing is EVERYTHING when looking for a new position. Companies tend to schedule multiple first round interviews in a 2-day stretch. When a company tells us they are interested in and want to meet our candidate, we usually have a very small window to actually lock down that time. The more time it takes to confirm an interview, the harder it is to actually get one scheduled. This is why it is very important to keep open lines of communication between yourself and the person representing you. We are doing everything we can to generate interest around your background and get you out to meet with some awesome companies. Make sure you aren’t missing out by going dark!

Now of course there are no guarantees with anything in life. Not every single time you work with a recruiter are they going find you your dream job. However, if you happen to find a recruiter you trust and work with them the most productive way, you will create a very important business connection that could help you in the future!